Ntech Duo 013, No Title

August 25, 2010

We are Joined by Zack's Brother Michael to talk about this weeks news topics and close with some World of Warcraft talk.


Ntech Duo 012, Zack’s rant

August 10, 2010

We cover Goole street view, Droid 2, Blackberry Tourch, Madden 2011, and more

Show Notes: http://ntechduo.blogspot.com/2010/08/show-notes-episode-12-zacks-rant.html


Ntech Duo 011, We’re on a Role

July 27, 2010

In this episode we finally have some decent segways between stories. We cover Starcraft 2, Black Hat Conference, Smart Phone Shortages and more.

Show Notes: http://ntechduo.blogspot.com/2010/07/show-notes-episode-11-were-on-role.html


Ntech Duo 010, Smart Phones at War

July 20, 2010

Mike and Zack cover this weeks tech news. Including Apple's press conference, Droid X Shortages, NASA budget war, Lasers tracking space junk, Anti-aircraft Laser Weapons, and more.

Show Notes: http://ntechduo.blogspot.com/2010/07/show-notes-episode-10-smart-phones-at.html


Ntech Duo 009, Summer Vacation

July 12, 2010

Amid some technical difficulties with sound levels half way through. Zach and Mike cover the recent Apple news, FireFox Beta, eReaders, High power Lasers and more.

Show Notes: http://ntechduo.blogspot.com/2010/07/show-notes-episode-9-summer-vacation.html


Ntech Duo 008, Zach wants his flying train

July 7, 2010

Zach and Mike are joined by Mike's sister Kristen. They discuss corporate layoffs, iTunes hacking, Backing up to the cloud and more.

Show Notes: http://ntechduo.blogspot.com/2010/07/show-notes-episode-8-zach-wants-his.html

Ntech Duo 007, Let’s get ready to RumbleFish!

June 29, 2010

Your host Zack Chehi and Mike Pilcher discuss Google Search Redirect in china, Google's version of Facebook, Windows 8 Rumors, RumbleFish offering music rights for YouTube Videos, Kindal on Android and Swatch Watches.

Show Notes: http://ntechduo.blogspot.com/2010/06/show-notes-episode-007-lets-get-ready.html

Ntech Duo 006, Summer Noise

June 22, 2010

Droid X, Droid 2, Messenger on iPhone, iOS4 Release and problems, John Glen whats the shuttle to stay.

Show Notes: http://ntechduo.blogspot.com/2010/06/episode-6-show-notes.html

Ntech Duo 005, Producer Mike Solo

June 17, 2010

As a trial run Producer Mike does an Episode solo trying to cover some of the key announcements from E3.

Ntech Duo 004, Surfing Crocs

June 9, 2010

Surfing Crocodiles in the South Pacific, iPhone 4 and it's new features, Google's on Caffeine, and whats new with Zynga.